Scrapbook essentials for beginners

Welcome back!  This time I’ll give you some pointers to scrapbook essentials, that is the basic tools you need to start making your first scrapbook.  Scrapbooks these days are not just one of those dull project books you had as a child stuck clippings or drawings in.  Well you can put clippings and drawings in but the scrapbooks of today are better quality and in some cases more sophisticated.  I should also mention that this post contains affiliate links.  Should you click through and make a purchase I may receive compensation.

Cloth Snowflake Album cover

The first thing you will want is a goof quality album to start off.  These albums, pictured left, have a beautiful finish and because they are acid free they will not harm your beautiful photos over time.  There are many other types, style and shapes of albums as I mentioned in the previous article but for now let’s stay with this one.

The next thing you will want is good quality themed papers and embellishment to enhance those photographs.

Then of course you will need tools with which to cut, adhere and shape the photographs onto the album pages.

The list of scrapbook essentials can be quite long but the real basic and nitty-gritty tools are:

  1. a 12-inch straight trimmer so that you can trim your papers, there are also trimmers that have optional extra blades to give you different shaped cuts;
  2.  scissors – you would want one good quality sharp scissors for larger cuts, one also to cut adhesive tape and one that you will use to cut out images to attach to your pages;
  3. you will need a ruler – if you feel so inclined you could purchase a “Zero Centering Ruler” these make finding the centre of your work easier to determine;
  4. double-sided self adhesive tape or tape runner or glue but the tape or tape runner are recommended as liquid glue can bleed or warp paper unless you are very careful;
  5. a personal trimmer or small guillotine, this is recommended but not essential at this point;
  6. also recommended are a set of shaped cutting guides – most tools mentioned here can be seen in the photographs below.

Once you have all your tools and your album, your papers and embellishments you need to decide how you want to sort your photographs, whether you want them in family groups, birthdays, special events such as Christmas/New Year, weddings and so on.  You can no doubt see that these are all Creative Memories tools, however, the basics can be any brand, most households have scissors, glue, rulers, pens, although pens you need to ensure they are photosafe, and some might even have the odd 12″ trimmer or guillotine (large or small).

Digital Scrapbooking

Of course if you prefer to have digital versions of your albums there are many cheap ways of getting them done.  There are ways you can make your own digital scrapbooks, one is by purchasing software from which costs  $US39.99.  This software is easy to use and I the only one I highly recommend.  You do need to consider how you will get your pages printed.  I will look at this in another article as it can be complex to explain the pros and cons.

On the other hand Creative Memories now have a system whereby you prepare your digital album with the papers and embellisments you would use as though you were physically putting it together. they will then print and mail your photo album direct to you.  The cost is higher but the quality of the end product is worth it.

Last words for now

I have given you a fair idea of the basics of scrapbook essentials and a brief look at digital scrapbooking which I will cover a little more in another article.  Comments and questions welcome.

Thanks for visiting and reading.

by Scrappinrae


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