Craft tools and accessories you need

And CraftStash has all the bits and bobs you need. They have a variety of brands of machines, dies and all the other crafting accessories.  This is just a quick reminder of where you can get specials and deals on all your favourite brands including magazines, stamps and more.


With Easter break, you might want to order so you can complete that craft project and finish it during the break.
Then of course you have Mother’s Day coming up not that far away and you will want to complete just that right gift for Mum or buy supplies for her to complete her projects.

While you’re there why not check out their 50% of deals on art supplies and all the other good deals and subscriptions.  They even have a craft club for you to save through

This is really just a pointer for craft supplies and because I am an affiliate I must state that if you purchase from any of the links in this post I may be paid a small commission.

You might like to know some of the brands available from CraftStash so:

I hope you enjoyed this quick post about CraftStash and what they can offer you.

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