Easter gifts!

With Easter not far away, are you still looking for that special gift?  I know that we all observe Easter in different ways just as we do Christmas.  However, gifts are not always about buying items that end up in the cupboard or worse the trash can.  Gifts at any time of the year are, or should be, because you wish to give that special someone in your life something to make them happy, something to enjoy and cherish but useful at the same time.

So, I thought some recommendations might be helpful.  Will you give a book to read for that special lady in your life, for example “Forever Winter” by Elizabeth Baxter, or perhaps a book by Megan O’Russell such as “The Girl without Magic” or choose a colouring book (adult) from Sarah Renae Clark.  Also Diana Dawn’s books would also be suitable such as “Fallen Snow“.   Any of these would be perfect for that lazy day to enjoy.

.    .               

Perhaps you have children and to keep them off the television, computer, tablet or phone why not a colouring book.

What about the man in your life, you see I don’t know who will read this, so it seems appropriate that some recommendations for men also be included. This page search of “books for men” provides quite an array of different genres and topics within, it also includes and adult colouring book.

Looking for a larger gift, a coffee machine which gives everyone delicious coffee whenever you want?

Or choose from some other recommendations.  And if you really don’t know what the person would like, give an eGift card so the person can choose their own.

I would love to know if this range of gift suggestions has been helpful.  Please leave your comments/feedback in the comments section below.  Thank you for reading.






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