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Up-to-the-minute Amazing Gifts for Any Occasion at LatestBuy has some cool, funky gifts suitable for everyone.  I am not usually a fan of buying knick-knacks but I have been known to, particularly as souvenirs, not necessarily an item representing the place but something unique, something that you specifically purchase to remind you of where you bought it, even if it is a mug or cup that you particularly like and use while you are there and bring home with you.

You might be a collector of badges or pins or whatever, I’m sure you will find something you have never seen before or it just looks cool, funky or goofy enough to fit into your collection.  There is no way of knowing where you will find that treasure that you didn’t even know you were missing until you see it!

One example of my souvenirs is a miniature teacup with saucer and a little stand to display it, that I bought in Brackettville, Texas in 1989.  Apparently, this town, or rather more a film location, was where they filmed part of the remake, I think of “The Alamo”, the guide there even gave me a copy of the ‘call sheet’ for the actors and crew! So I had to buy something to remind me of the place and now I see it every day and it reminds me not only of where I purchased it but also my time in Texas all those years ago.

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Well, I hope you liked this little foray into my past and some ideas for gifts and where you can get some funky items.  I will leave you with some more unusual items.  I would love to get your comments or feedback on this post and indeed on any post on my site.  Have fun looking for that elusive gift whether it is for yourself or for someone else.  Cheers.

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