Going camping, need cookware?

I’m not a camper but for some reason, I went searching for camping gear.  Why you ask?  I don’t really know but I have been interested in caravanning or rather “motorhoming” for some time and thought using the equipment I have at home would not fit into the spaces in these vehicles. So what types of equipment and other things were available to fit into small spaces?

My last experience with that type of adventure was back in the 1970s when I was living in England with a small van, which, even with little cupboards built-in left sufficient room for two people to sleep in, nowhere near the luxurious motorhomes you can get now.

In my search, I found a complete cooking set which you don’t need to go camping to use these little beauties.  These could be used on a barbecue, in your mobile home or caravan.  Or, even in your home kitchen for example if you’re moving and everything is packed up and won’t arrive for a few days.  A set of these and you have a pot and frying pan and a kettle for water to make coffee or tea, plates, bowls and cups a great starter pack for any adventure.

For example, I find it is useful to have some alternatives when you are moving. Having moved many times in my life it was frustrating to want a cuppa while you’re unpacking and you just can’t remember which box the kettle/jug to boil water is in, or where the mugs/cups are or even the coffee and tea. When you first start packing things you label the boxes with as much information as possible but you end up simply writing things like “kitchen” or “crockery” or just the room the boxes came from like bedroom, bathroom etc. you get the idea.

With fifty or more boxes you don’t need too much imagination to work out how long it would take to label every box with every item in it.  Yes, I suppose if you have a computer handy with someone to enter items on the list as items are being put into boxes, but by then even the computer is probably packed away and trying to tackle lists and tables on an iPad or iPhone would certainly turn me off as being too time-consuming.  No doubt there are ways to keep more in-depth lists but how many of us do? No where was I? Oh, yes, caravanning and motorhoming.

Now, what else is needed on the road with our caravan or mobile home?  Perhaps some foldable outdoor chairs to sit outside, such as a director’s chair, a foldable lounge chair, even a foldable camping stool or do you prefer to sit inside the caravan/motorhome all the time?  These things are all personal preferences that should be taken into account when heading out to go camping, caravanning or motorhoming.  Foldable items such as these would also come in handy when moving house especially if all the furniture was coming a day or two after you actually moved in.  They may not be so practical camping but that would depend on what type of camping you were planning.  If you travelled by car and stayed at camping sites these would be useful, however, if your plan is to go hiking or tramping these may not be appropriate because they would be too bulky and heavy to carry.

I also came across these cool single burners to heat water for two cups of coffee/tea.  The mug is 1L and the mug is your water boiler, you can also get a “PotSupport” so you can use a pot for those 1-pot meals.  So if you really only go camping, hiking or tramping with a tent etc. this would be ideal.
iconI hope I have given you found this interesting and helpful.  Please leave your comments/feedback in the comments section and let me know if you’d like more articles like this.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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