A Book Review – Heart of Smoke!

The earth has become contaminated and the favoured few have built themselves Domes to live in far away from the filth of cities left to rot and die with no clean water and contaminated food sources, and their inhabitants a mix of the worst of humankind all fighting to survive. Vampires lurking in shadows making the streets danger zones, the sun when it is clear of ash from the fires is so hot it would burn through anything that has not been “sun-proofed”.

The description of the city and the conditions in which Lannie and her sister try to survive is graphic and at times explicit enough to not leave too much to the imagination.

In all this Lanni works in a factory (for an honest but meagre living), with a hand in some other jobs to make ends meet, and just managing to stay out of trouble. Even her young sister together with other children works in another part of the factory where schooling is given on overhead screens while the children work.

When the sisters are taken and told that an unknown (to the sisters) benefactor has made arrangements for them to be ‘transferred’ to one of the Domes for a new and safe life they are reluctant to go. So, when that new life threatens their future Lanni takes matters into her own hands with the aid of some similar-minded friends.

The Collection makes for compelling reading, so compelling I could not stop reading until I had finished. The research for the Collection is comprehensive and helps the books to flow well together.

Highly recommend reading the Collection as it is better read in the correct order.

Thank you for the opportunity to read this Collection and provide a review.♦LR

The above review was written for BookBub by Lola Radnoti on 19 April 2022.
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