Express yourself – Launch Party!

This sounds like a mystery die with a difference.  Register now for the online event on Tuesday, 31st May 2022 at the usual time of 12noon CDT to see the new die launch.

Tune in for a new launch party that is bound to leave you speechless! Hosts Pam and Erica will be sharing projects and ideas using our new and most expressive die to date! Experts Shannon and Jeannie will be joining to share inspiration fit for any self-expression! Get ready to smile and take advantage of all the quilting fun by tuning in!

Register now to get the latest tips, tricks, and new project inspiration!

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If you are looking to do quilting on a budget a read of this article from AccuQuilt’s blog site could be helpful: Quilting on a Budget: 9 Tips Your Pocket Will Love.

To find a wealth of helpful information about quilting, the tools and much more sign up for their blog and get updates straight to your inbox.♦︎LR


4 thoughts on “Express yourself – Launch Party!”

  1. This blog is for quilting. Would love to read more from Pam and Erica when they share their ideas on quilting with the most expressive dies. I must confess that I am not a quilting enthusiast buy love to see the artwork done. Here, I am sure, it will be a new learning for me and that is what makes me look forward to reading more articles on this blog.

    All the Best to you.

    Best Regards,


    1. Thank you Rohit for you honest and helpful feedback. I am not a quilter myself but I have often admired them, particularly the intricately designed ones. Feel free to read through all the AccuQuilt articles on this site and my sister site at If you click on the link above “Quilting on a budget…” you can find video tutorials to guide you along the way.

      Once again thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I wish you well on your quilting adventures.

  2. I hope your launch goes off without a hitch. Everything on this post looks remarkable and I am looking forward to Pam and Erica’s presentation it is bound to benefit the masses. Could you keep us posted when you have more? I will check out the crocheting blog as well, I am trying to get something for my wife who enjoys that.

    1. Thank you Humphrey for your kind words of encouragement.  You mention you would like to be notified when more posts go out. I did write another post today (1 June 2022) and the link to that is https://scrappinraeandaffiliat… you are also welcome to scroll through the website to get more information. My “sister” site mentioned in today’s post will have more examples for you.  Today’s post will have more information about tutorials, tips and tricks, sales etc. and links to help you. So I think you will find it useful.  Thanks again for your encouragement. LR


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