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Hello there, we are back and what a way to come back!  We have some wonderful Swedish beauty products to share with you and deals that are hard to beat!  This post is all about the products and deals from Foreo.  Foreo covers health and beauty products and in particular skin care and oral care products.  All the links will take you to the products and information and should you purchase from the links provided I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Are you tired of paying for expensive facials? Why not try Foreo‘s bundles and get your own Swedish facial!

“If you can’t decide on which UFO™ face mask why not get them all! With this ultimate set of every single face mask from our Advanced Collection and Farm to Face Collection, you and enjoy a variety of facial treatments suitable for every skin type and every skin concern.” {quoted from Foreo website.}

Supercharged Facial Set

The list of the Bundle contents is also from the website:

1×6 H2Overdose Mask, 1×6 Matte Maniac Mask, 1×6 Youth Junkie Mask, 1×6 Glow Addict Mask, 1×6 Shimmer Freak Mask, 1×6 Green Tea Mask, 1×6 Coconut Oil Mask, 1×6 Bulgarian Rose Mask, 1×6 Manuka Honey Mask, 1×6 Acai Berry Mask, 1×7 Call It a Night Mask and 1×7 Make My Day Mask.

Quite a selection of interesting and unusual masks to choose from.  Be sure to share your favourites here in the comments.

Not much text in this post because it is all about the product and more deals for you on the website.

This is just a quick post about these new products that I am privileged to share with you.

Here are some links for you to explore some good deals and make some savings.

ALERT: Price increase. From June 1st 2022, prices for all products will be going up. Buy yours now!

Free gifts with every order over USD 40. Free ISSA™ play toothbrush for all orders over USD 70.

15% Off Sitewide for New Customers

Enjoy your adventures with Foreo!♣︎LR

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