Craft fair in Sydney!

[NOTE: the image at the head of this post is from AccuQuilt website.]

The Craft and Quilt Fair in Sydney will run from June 29 to July 3 and they are asking people, quilters in particular if they would like to get involved in the “Peace for Peace” project and I quote:

Jannette McLaughlin, @jannoart, an artist based in regional NSW, is creating a massive patchwork to show love and support for the people of the Ukraine.
You can get involved:
1. Make and send a 30cm block to Janno
2. Help stitch the blocks together at the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair (or you can bring your blocks into the fair and deliver them directly).
Be part of this amazing project!”

The enormous quilt (they are only squares at this point) in the picture is amazing and will be divided to make blankets for children of Ukraine.

I have no affiliation with the Craft and Quilt Fair other than being a visitor on occasion and being a crafter myself.  The links to information are simply passing on some information about the Fair.  Read more about the project.

That’s it, just a quick one for you today.  Enjoy!♣LR

Thank you to the Blessington company who has generously donated four sewing machines to use to sew the quilt together at the fair. The machines will be raffled at the fair with all proceeds going to benefit Ukraine refugees.


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