Launch Party – Wild and Free!

You might be wondering why I share so much of AccuQuilt promotions, sales,  tutorials and tips & tricks.  Well, when you get so much information given to you, you simply have to share it.  Between this site and the sister site, I have enough to share with my readers and visitors of both sites.

For a while, this website was a “work in progress” so most of the information was shared on  If you wish you can read some of the AccuQuilt posts there.

Today, as nearly every day, I have a lot of information from AccuQuilt to share with you, however, some may be last minute and time-limited, which I may not be able to get to you in time.   If that is the case I try to pass on general information such as tutorials you can get from their website and this is the link for that.

That said would you like to try an outdoorsy theme?  Why not join the fun on 7 June 2022 at 12noon (CDT) for the “Wild and Free” launch of a brand new die.
Then again you might like to “Spread the kindness” with new GO!® Emojis Bundles! The small print on the image reads:  Discount listed not applicable to all new bundles. Special pricing available only while supplies last. 
And with online events every week you have the opportunity of seeing new patterns every week.
Here is the link for Tips and Tricks pages:Well, I have certainly given you lots to play with and to look through so, until next time go, have fun and please leave a comment and also feedback on your adventures in quilting land.♦LR


4 thoughts on “Launch Party – Wild and Free!”

  1. I have never quilted before but after seeing the AccuQuilt site I think I may try at some point! I never knew there were so many things you could use for quilting. Long ago I remember watching people quilt with scraps of material but I see it has come a long way. Thanks for this post and for enlightening me on quilting!

    1. Thank you Nina for your enthusiasm about the post. AccuQuilt as you will have read has free tutorials and weekly online events, I can send the links to those every week as I get the content for each week or send you the links to their events to help keep you posted and informed. I would love to hear about your journey with quilting when you start. Thank you again for your encouraging comments.

  2. Cool! I love whenever I find free tutorials on anything and Accuquilt seems to have plenty of them. I do not think you are giving too much information. Trust me, someone is always looking for something specific so your site is a great resource for many people!

    The more I look into Accuquilt the more I am leaning toward joining. They seem to provide ALL the information one could possibly need to learn how to quilt and become an expert. I mean they even address where to get all the supplies you will need to get started.

    I am a crafter at heart and quilting is definitely an area I have yet to explore.

    Thanks for sharing this great resource and look forward to seeing your future content.

    1. Thank you Ashley for your lovely comments on my post. I have admired quilts over the years and I had a couple given to me and considered taking it up but I was already doing too many different things. Please let me know your progress if you decide to start quilting. You can get 15% discount just by joining the “Inner Circle” and get text messages about exclusive deals. I will be posting next Tuesday’s live event tomorrow (Sunday, my time Australia). Thank you again for your supportive comments. See you again soon.

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