AccuQuilt – live event and new projects

Hello quilters, more live events and new projects coming your way with AccuQuilt!

First, a reminder to REGISTER for the live event on Tuesday, 12 July 2022 at 12 noon to 1 pm (Central Time US).  Pam and Erica always make these events fun and interesting and you pick up a lot of tips and tricks as you go.  So join them on Tuesday when they will be sharing ways to make your quilting fast, easy, accurate, and safe using the AccuQuilt system!

Whether you’re new to AccuQuilt or have used the system and all its benefits before – this event will help to streamline your quilting! Prepare for maximum fun by tuning in for the show!

Also, if you Register now you are in for a chance to win $100 in AccuQuilt Reward Points.

Before I go on and share some of the other great dies with you I want to tell you about Wednesday’s online event.  That is Wednesday, 13 July 2022 at the usual time of 12 noon to 1 pm (Central Time US) and yes, they do keep it to 1 hour.

Explore the ease of Quilting on the GO!  Don’t leave your quilting supplies at home, they can travel with you!  Pam Heller, AccuQuilt’s Cutting Expert will share her beneficial tips and tricks to complete a comfy project when you aren’t at home.  Join Pam’s compelling tutorial and learn about AccuQuilt’s fantastic offers during part two of AccuQuilt Days!

REGISTER now for a chance to win one of AccuQuilt’s giveaways!

How would you like to make a whimsical ‘Welcome Home’ project?  Hang in the entry to your home or even on your front door.
The bird and birdhouse die is now a permanent member of the family!

So let your creativity fly with this video tutorial with GO! Chirp Corner to Table Topper!
Or you can watch it on YouTube.

I will include a some more dies that you might like to explore:

GO! Holiday Medley Cutting DieGO! Gingerbread Cookie Die
GO! Cookie Decorations Die

I think I have given you plenty of food for thought and with the year passing as quickly as it has Christmas will be here sooner than we think.  So in my next post I will have more Christmas related dies that I could not fit in here.

All links are affiliate links and should you purchase from them I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

I hope you enjoyed this post exploring the quirky and whimsical dies of AccuQuilt.  Thank you for visiting and reading.  Please leave your comments and an email address so that I may respond.♣LR

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