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Hi, this time I have some books for you, or rather a great place to find those books you are looking for.  The Book Depository – a place where I have found most of my study books and self-guided research books, spiritual books, you get the idea.  Books on just about any subject you can think of and it’s all free delivery!

To give you some idea of the variety of books they carry, I am sharing a sample of some of the books I have purchased, the subjects are quite varied:

Admittedly I have received many more books as complimentary review books, that is I received the books free from the authors and then wrote reviews in the specific place of “purchase” named by the author or author’s agent.

Some notes on the books in my little gallery above:

Book number 3: by Suzette Haden Elgin “The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defence at Work” I actually purchased on behalf of a friend because of a discussion we had about people taking others’ comments too personally when more often than not these comments were generalised comments.  The reason I knew about the book was because I had read a similarly titled book by the same author “Staying well with the gentle art of verbal self-defence” which helped me to learn that ‘not everything is about you’.

Wealth of Nations” (book 4 in the gallery) I came across while studying for my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and it was really a trip back in time to read how things in the business world evolved to what we have today.

The first book in the gallery “Corporate Governance” was one of my textbooks for my MBA very dry reading, however, it helped to get a picture of business processes and how to ensure that businesses at any level followed specific guidelines against which to base their business practices.

Some of you may have come across or even read “The Power of Now“.  “Practising the Power of Now” is a companion to The Power of Now and its purpose is to make the process easier to understand and work through quite a complex process of self-development and accepting where you are in the moment of Being and achieving enlightenment.  Both books have exercises to help you understand each section as you go through the reading.

The fifth book in the gallery “Earth Power” helps us read and understand the magic in nature.  What secrets do the meandering streams and drifting clouds reveal and what secret messages do the roaring ocean and the breeze whisper to us?
The magic of nature is there for all to see but how many of us really appreciate it and learn from it?  When you see all the trees being cut down and the devastation after bushfires have roared through, what do you feel how do you feel? We all have our reasons for feeling the way we do and with the help of Scott Cunningham’s book “Earth Power” we can gain a better understanding of how, by working with nature, we can better ourselves, our lives and even perhaps the world.

This is just an introduction to The Book Depository  and I will be sharing more books and information about them in future posts. Also, any specials that come through to help you along the way.

Thank you for visiting, reading and exploring the world of books with me,   the links are all affiliate links and should you purchase from these links I may receive a small commission.

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