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MYSA Journal if Foreo’s journal of Beauty and Well-being, bringing you tips and tricks various aspects of beauty and skin health.

This edition of MYSA Journal is all about Pro-aging and why it is the only beauty trend you need.

The journal takes you through different aspects of the ageing process and how to maintain the best possible skincare routine.

Table of Contents
What is pro-aging?
Pro-aging and skincare
Pro-aging skincare = self-care
Pro-aging vs. anti-aging
Why is pro-aging the new anti-aging?

“The goal of pro-aging is not to look younger, but to feel better and be the best version of yourself at any age.” [Foreo]… READ MORE

We all grow older, it’s an inevitability. While some people may try to fight the signs of aging, there are many reasons why you should accept it. Aging brings with it a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as a deeper understanding of yourself. So don’t resist aging – embrace it! Enjoy today’s content and learn about wonderful things that come with growing older.” [Foreo]

In this post I will share some of the other topics about ageing.

Celebrities from Whom we can learn about ageing and Beauty:

Celebrities from Whom we can learn about ageing and Beauty

Understanding Causes of Skin Aging is the first step in good beauty routine

Understanding Causes of Skin Aging is the first step in good beauty routine

To fully understand aging and causes of aging we really need to know about the first signs of aging.“[Foreo]

This article covers the following topics:

Signs of skin aging
What causes skin aging?
Ways to reduce skin aging
Embrace your age!

Those topics are again broken down and discussed in more detail …. Read More

5 Common Misconceptions about Aging Skin
As the title implies this article discusses the misconceptions of aging skin, such as smiling too much causes fine lines; you can preserve youth; acne goes away with age; more retinol is better and diet and aging are not related.

The next article is a review of FOREO’s BEAR device – your face becomes refreshed after using BEAR.

Here is just one comment from foreo_official:
foreo #AD I was so excited to try the microcurrent toning device the Bear by Foreo Sweden and see what the hype was all about! This little cutie has won 250+ beauty and design awards from some of the most respected names in the beauty industry. It is FDA cleared and tones, tightens, firms and sculpts the face in just 2 rejuvenating minutes a day. It has quickly become a skincare ritual essential for me. You may have seen me doing gua sha before, and this is like gua sha but with way more oomph!!⁣

The Bear offers more intensities than other at home devices, and I love how it makes my skin appear glowy, plump and lifted. You can use code KAREN15 on the Bear range of products on the Foreo site …, and also check out the @foreo_official IG page for more info!

That is all I have for this post.  I hope you found reading through the MYSA Journal articles interesting and helpful.  Please leave comments and/or feedback to help me tailor future posts.

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