Happy 4th of July with FOREO!

Promotions and free gifts for quality beauty products by FOREO!

Independence Day is all about celebrating freedom.  The freedom of self-love included.  Take the best possible care of your skin with FOREO discounts.  Up to 40% off! 

4th of July: Up to 40% Off + Extra 10% Off with code ADD10

Make some room on your top shelf because all of your favorite FOREO beauty & oral care products are now up to 40% off! Plus, you get an additional 10% on all discounted products with the code ADD10

And that’s not even the best part…

If you spend more than $250, you’ll get LUNA™ fofo for FREE*!

There’s nothing like a spa facial to start the weekend or that special occasion off right, but who has the time (or money) to go every week? Luckily, with Your Home Spa Set (this month’s bundle bestseller), you can bring the spa experience home with you!

Take this opportunity of buying your favourite Foreo devices and other product favourites like the Home Spa Set while these promotions are on to get some great savings:

and also receive these FREE Gifts* worth up to $61,39. Yours if you get this set.

*An option to add free gifts to cart will appear at checkout.

Some choices for the free gifts may be:

Imagination Starter for order over $40

and the ISSA play for orders over $70
*An option to add LUNA™ fofo and other free gifts to your cart will automatically appear when you spend more.

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That’s all I have for you this post but there are a lot of savings to be had so take advantage while you can.

Thank you for visiting and exploring the savings available from FOREO this week.  The links in this post are affiliate links and should you purchase from these links I may received a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Thanks again for being here, I look forward to reading your comments below.  Until next time.♣LR



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