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Would you like to get helpful information on beauty and nutrition to get that beautiful glowing skin?

Well, if you sign up for Foreo’s MYSA Beauty and Wellbeing Journal to find out about things such as “Everything you need to know about acne…“.  You love the skin you’re in when you have a flawless complexion. But how to love the skin you’re in when you have acne and lack self-confidence? Check out the content in this edition and learn how to build an acne-fighting skincare routine that will easily show you how beautiful you really are.

What Causes Acne Scars and How to Get Rid of Them.

A Recommendation from FOREO official  for your cleansing routine:

foreo FOREO ESPADA™ BHA+PHA Blemish Solution is here to up your AM ☀️ and PM 🌙 routine for clear skin, and a more confident you. 🧖‍♀️

Wondering how to incorporate it into your skincare ritual? Say no more!

1️⃣ Thoroughly cleanse and dry skin. We recommend using FOREO’s bacteria-resistant LUNA™ facial cleansing massager and Micro-Foam Cleanser for optimal results.

2️⃣ Gently dab a thin layer of the Blemish Solution gel directly onto the spots/blemishes & leave on until fully absorbed.

3️⃣ Repeat after each face wash, until spots/blemishes fade.

❗ Don’t forget to use it in combination with SPF to avoid hyperpigmentation.

Save this post for your next me-time session.[Foreo]

I was blessed with good skin which only occasionally produced a pimple but nothing like acne.  So the following quote from FOREO official seems appropriate:

foreo: You should feel good in your own skin. So, unless they start paying rent, your acne have no place being there any longer! ⛔

Grab your own ESPADA and find out why so many users already consider it a magical wand for pain-free acne removal. 💙

More on skincare and acne here.

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