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Whether you are trivia training, enjoying the most random facts or simply looking for fun, The Book Depository have compiled for you a list of the best trivia books that are worth reading in 2022.

Pick your team and start to test your knowledge with this incredible book selection.

And to start you off they have a couple of trivia questions for you.

In which city did the Olympic games originate? What is the fastest aquatic animal? How many Earths can fit inside the sun?

Go check out the books available and take your best shot.

The Book Depository is a good source of reading material whether it’s for study, research or general reading.  Not only are the prices comparable but you have free shipping to most countries of the globe so you are winning on all counts.

For me The Book Depository’s free shipping was a real draw card because  not only the great prices but the fact I didn’t have added cost of shipping.  Yes, I have purchased many a book from The Book Depository I can get the price in my own currency and that allows me to see exactly what I have to pay, no worries about exchange rates changing the amount at the point of payment.

The Book Depository, as already stated, has a wonderful range of genres, styles, topics and educational books, as well as books for pure entertainment or just taking you to “another” place and relaxing into a world of wonder and excitement, or sometimes fear for the protagonist.  So no matter what your preference The Book Depository has something for everyone.

If you liked House of the Dragon, then you will love their selection of books to read after watching the prequel to Game of Thrones.

Check out The Book Depository’s list of fantasy books that bring fire, blood, magic, intrigue and mystery in worlds where none are safe from death.

Then again you might like to get into more learned and educational books such as medicine or allied health books, sports medicine books and the like so have a browse through.

Whether you are a medical student, doing research, or love reading about medicine, discover The Book Depository’s list of must-read and best medical books that will help you grow as a professional in the medical field. These excellent books will give you an insight into the world of medicine, help you in your research or keep you up-to-date of all of the latest developments, new techniques and treatments in an ever-changing field.  So, we have trivia, fiction and medicine out of the way.  Now let’s have a look at what law books and law related books are available at The Book Depository.From recently published to bestselling and whether you’re a prospective law student or working in the legal industry, you’re sure to find something on The Book Depository’s list of the best law books and legal stories.Discover their selection and remember not to judge a law book by its cover.
Well folks, that’s all I have from The Book Depository for now but as soon as I get more lists, discounts or promotions you will be the first to know.
Thank you for visiting and exploring the world of books with me.  Please leave a comment below about the post and share your ‘book’ experience. As you know all links are affiliate links and if you purchase through those links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Which in turn allows me to keep my website live and bringing you information on a variety of subjects.♣LR

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