Did someone say Wristwatches?

Hi folks,

Wristwatches – thousands to choose from!  Oh my!

I was looking through, not a looking glass but some at least of the thousands of wristwatches that Timeshop4you, no I didn’t go through all of them but they sure have some funky-looking ones.  They have a lot that I would gladly wear if I were able to, I am allergic to the metals in most watches, unfortunately.

I say unfortunately because I have several new ones in boxes, which I had purchased to give to customers in a previous business I was involved with, as well as several of my own used ones and several used ones inherited from my parents.  Many of the latter were tossed but I kept a couple of the better ones my mother had.  I did change the band on one and wore it for quite a long while but then the band needed changing again and I couldn’t find one that was appropriate and liked, so it sits in the drawer – a pity because I liked that particular one.

Anyway, getting back to Timeshop4you where you can get your favourite or new favourite timepiece, whether you are looking for wristwatches, wall clocks, table top clocks or even the long case floor clocks.  I am amazed at the many types and styles available as well as the different functions of some of the items.

A closer look at a some chosen randomly and sharing some features of the item.
Citizen FC0010-55D Ladies’ watch – Radio-controlled Watches

3 Year warranty.  This one is solar and artificial light powered with 180 days of power reserve.  Multifunction with a purple second hand so you can’t misread the time in a glance.  A security clasp that cannot be opened accidentally and it is waterproof to 10 Bar (=100 meters). Read more…

BOSS 1513755 Men’s watch – Chronographs

3 Year warranty. Functions include day, weekday and stop function as well as the normal time.  Waterproof to 5 bar (= approx.50meters).  Read more…

One more that had me intrigued.

METAL.CH 4353.44 Men’s watch – chronographs

The distinctive Watches of the brand METAL.CH are in the category XXL Watches one of the most popular.  The large cases combined with the interesting colour combinations of the dials make every METAL.CH Watch an extravagant timepiece…..Every Watch by METAL.CH has a Swiss Movement and is made in Switzerland.

Pin buckle clasp with hour, minute, second, date and stop functions.

Distinctive features – Double crown safeguard, precise Swiss quartz movement.  Waterproof to 10 bar (=approx. 100 meters).  Silicone wrist band.  Read more…

There you have it folks, thousands of wrist watches to choose from, well 3,738 according to the Timeshop4you website.  Go explore and as I said earlier you might find your new favourite timepiece.

Thank you for visiting and scrolling through wristwatches and other timepieces with me.  I have to remind you that all links are affiliate links and if you purchase through those links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  That enables me to keep my website live and bringing you tidbits of different information, so please leave your comments so I get to know what type of information you enjoy reading.  Until next time.♣LR



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