FOREO Special Promotion!

Just received this special promotion from FOREO.

FOREO is offering a special for greater savings for customers.  Get 33% off by adding CodeGOLD33 at checkout to enjoy either of the listed promotion. Valid from now (18 August 2022) till 31 August 2022:

  • 20% off sitewide [or]
  • 33% off UFO mini, with 2 free boxes of mask (Make My Day + Call it a Night)

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FOREO has skincare products including devices for men as well as women, after all men need to look after their skin as well.  Skincare is essential for men as well as women but most men prefer to ignore it saying that they don’t need it – why not?  A lot of men work out in the weather, even office workers are out in the weather going to and from work or on days off when they are out enjoying the sunshine whether sailing, hiking or skiing, whatever they do, they are still exposing their skin to the weather.  Sun and wind can cause a lot of damage to skin, weather does not discriminate between male or female – skin is skin the only difference being that some skin is more sensitive than others.  So take care of your skin especially in harsh weather – sailing, skiing or hiking – where you are exposed to the elements.   Take this opportunity to save on your favourite skincare products and devices while you can.

Well, that is a quick post of this special promotion from FOREO and a little comment on why men should look after their skin as well.  All links of course are affiliate links and if you purchase via those links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  This helps me keep my website up and bringing you tidbits of information from a variety of topics.

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