ISSA discounts from FOREO!

Shop now for Oral Care devices at

Onsite promotions (excl. GB, IE):

      • 18% off on ISSA mikro
      • 22% off on ISSA mini 3 and ISSA baby
      • 23% off on ISSA kids
      • 26% off on ISSA 3
      • 27% off on ISSA mini, ISSA mini 2, ISSA mini 2 Set and ISSA mini 2 Sensitive
      • 30% off on ISSA brush heads
      • 36% off on ISSA 2 and ISSA 2 Set
      • 40% off on ISSA play

Get in while stocks are available for the discounted prices, just take a look and find your new favourite device.

That’s all I have for this quick post so that you have time to get the savings on your favourites.  Thank you for visiting and exploring.  The links are affiliate links which means that if you purchase from them I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you but which helps to keep my website live and sharing information which I hope is helpful and interesting.

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