New GO! Square Dies – AccuQuilt!

Hello quilters, looking for more square dies?  AccuQuilt has some beautiful new ones added to their collection.  With four new sizes of squares and five new square bundles – see what you could do with them.

The patterns shown : PQ12113.  I have shown each image separately rather than bunching them together because each has its own link to take you  directly to the pattern and information about it.  The information usually contains the measurement of the finished product as shown in the picture and also the dies used to make the quilt.

If you attended/watched the live event on Tuesday last week (9 August 2022) – BOB surpasses 50 – and kept watching for the follow-on, you will have seen the amazing quilts made with all these dies.  For those of you who haven’t caught up with that event I have included it here as well as some images of the amazing quilts made.

These three images are taken from the online event:

GO! Cleopatra’s Fan die

And last but not least, out of all the beautiful, amazing quilts that were shown in the follow-on video, the one below struck me as being the most stunning of all.  See what you think.  Enter your comments below and let me know.

Just a reminder about next Tuesday’s online event – 16 August 2022 at 12 noon to 1 pm CDT:  Cut like a Butterfly, Quilt like a Bee!  So Register now so you don’t forget.

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