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Would you like to find out more about acne causes, treatment and other skincare routines?  Why not look through the MYSA FOREO’s skincare magazine!

So what does MYSA stand for? The essence of Mysa is the feeling of warmth while being engaged in an activity that is comfortable and pleasurable. It’s a Swedish term that refers to coziness, relaxation, serenity, but is even more than that.  Mysa means being relaxed, being in the moment, and enjoying every second of your “me-time” with all your senses. [from MYSA]

Summer is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere and with it the hot and humid weather, not to mention direct sun on your skin.  This can be difficult for those with sensitive skin, as the combination of heat and moisture can cause skin irritation, breakouts, and excessive sweating.  If you’re struggling to adjust your skincare routine for the summer weather, don’t worry – here are some tips to help you out!

The contrary can be said for the Southern Hemisphere where it is currently winter and the winter weather can be just as damaging to skin as the hot and humid weather.  With spring and summer on the way the recommendations in the MYSA journal could be just as helpful for those living in the Southern Hemisphere as those in the Northern.

Also, the skin damage is not only for women, although it is mostly(?) women who worry more about their skin but men also should be looking out for their skin no matter which hemisphere they are in.  Their skin is just as susceptible to the damaging winds, heat and humidity, cold and icy conditions and sun.  Looking through the MYSA there are many articles relevant for whatever hemisphere you live in and just about any skin issues you might have.  If you cannot find relevant information you can contact the MYSA team and they will come back with a solution.  After all they are science backed.

One thing always recommended is to use sunscreen summer and winter especially on the beach or in the snow fields.  Have you ever seen someone who has been skiing, worn goggles and when they take off the goggles they have a lovely white ring around their eyes – they have been sunburnt and this particularly on the face may cause problems later on.

Using sunscreen when skiing may not stop sunburn completely but if you follow the instructions from doctors or on the bottle or tube of sunscreen you can certainly reduce the effects.

One last tip is that wearing make-up certainly helps against sunburn.  This is from experience.  Wearing makeup you have a protective layer(s) on your facial skin therefore, you are not as prone to burning as people who do not.

Similarly when you go skiing and wear your normal or perhaps increased SPF primer under your foundation you have more protection than if you do not.  I used to wear makeup on a daily basis because I didn’t want to spend money on sunscreen, which, someone commented in my hearing, is just like putting oil in the fry pan.  I can honestly say that wearing makeup to go skiing I cannot remember ever getting sunburnt.

That’s enough of experience but I felt I needed to add that information because it is relevant.

So to continue sharing more information from FOREO.

Well that is a lot to share in one post, so for now that is all.  I have given you plenty to think about and even some of my personal experience.  I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave your comments I would love to know your thought on the post.  The links are affiliate links so if you purchase from those links I may be paid a small commission at no extra cost to you, but which helps keep my website going and bringing you (I hope) helpful information.

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  1. Great content and lots of information about skincare mostly during the summer holidays. It’s rich of information for any skin type and situation.

    1. Thank you Christy O for taking the time to comment and your encouragement. I try to make my posts as interesting as I can.

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