Up to 40% off to upgrade your toothbrush!

Hi, I just thought I would share FOREO’s latest offer.

Never worry about brushing too hard or too short again.
Is your toothbrush making you feel like you’re not doing enough?  Or maybe you’re brushing too hard and not even realizing it.  Either way, it’s time for an upgrade!  FOREO’s smart sonic toothbrush ISSA™ is designed to do the hard work for you.  Its soft silicone bristles prevent you from brushing too hard and a built-in timer ensures you brush for the recommended 2 minutes — so you can be sure you’re getting a complete, professional clean every time.

Oh, and no need to worry about charging it either — your ISSA™ will last up to a year on a single USB charge!

Get your ISSA™ now with up to 40% off and start brushing like a pro!

And don’t forget the gifts at the checkout.

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