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Too much screen time? Take a break with IRIS™ 2.

We all know the feeling of waking up after a long night and looking in the mirror to see tired, puffy eyes staring back at us.  And let’s be honest — concealer can only do so much.

That’s where IRIS™ 2 comes in. Meet the next generation of dark circles and puffy eyes treatment!

The secret?

A unique combo of ancient finger-tapping lymphatic drainage techniques and T-Sonic™ massage.  Plus it has more power, more uses per charge, and exciting new features that’ll make you instantly fall in love!  Meet IRIS™2.

The following is from the FOREO website to provide you with more information before you go to the website to place your order.  Enjoy!

Why your eyes will love it.

Eliminate dark circles

The eyes are surrounded by acupuncture points. IRISTM 2 uses relaxing finger-tapping acupressure to help reduce dark circles by 70%, and increase eye contour radiance by 50%. (Based on third-party clinical trials)

Reduce under-eye bags

IRISTM 2 helps you look well-rested, by turning a day of tired and strained eyes into a 60-second relaxing treat. It reduces under-eye bags by 3.5x, and 84% of consumers report refreshed-looking eyes.   (Based on third-party clinical and consumer trials)

IRIS™ 2 is aimed at adults – male and female.

Supercharge eye care

Enhance the efficacy of eye creams & serums. IRISTM 2 increases the absorption of ingredients in your eye care by 84% – pushing them deep into the skin, where they work best. Use less & get better results.  (Based on third-party clinical trials)

Smart Swedish design

Lightweight & wireless with a travel lock, travel pouch, and up to 150 uses per USB charge – for ease on the go. Made of hygienic bacteria-resistant silicone – velvety soft on the delicate eye area.

STEP 1 – Unlock the device by pressing down the + and – buttons together, until the indicator light on the bottom of your device flashes.

STEP 2 (OPTIONAL) – Apply eye care.  Start with a clean and dry face. Apply dots of eye cream/serum around your eyes, if desired.

STEP 3 – Turn it on by pressing the universal button.  Adjust the intensity with the + and – buttons. Deactivate pulsations by pressing the universal button again.

STEP 4 – Massage.  Gently press IRISTM 2 under the inner corner of your eye, and glide under & around the eye contour for 30 sec. Repeat on the opposite eye.

Easy as!

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